Cancer: Hodgkin Lymphoma
Consortium: Hodgkin Lymphoma Data Collaboration (NODAL)
Headquarters: University of Chicago
Consortium Manager: Suzi Birz,

Researchers have created this consortium with the goal of establishing a database containing information from clinical trials to enable scientific investigations, including to harmonize staging and response assessment, improve prognostic factors, enable assessment of short and long term toxicity, and study rare subtypes. NODAL will launch a radiation and imaging work group to identify the data available to aid in studies and a Young Adults work group to serve as liaison to the adult trials.

Information for Researchers

Data Dictionary: Hodgkin Lymphoma Data Dictionary

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Research Contact: If you are looking for a research project or if you have a research project that you are interested in conducting with NODAL data, please contact Suzi Birz at

Data Contributors

Executive Committee

Sharon CastellinoCOGUSA
Jamie FlerlageSJCRHUSA
Tara HendersonCOGUSA
Kara KellyCOGUSA
Lindsay RenfroCOGUSA
Sam VolchenboumPCDCUSA

Bolded names indicate Executive Committee co-chairs.