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About Us

The Pediatric Cancer Research Data Commons project, headquartered at the Center for Research Informatics at the University of Chicago and working in collaboration with research institutions and consortiums throughout the United States and Europe, is building the future of how pediatric cancer research can be conducted.

We work to bring together clinical trials data about pediatric cancers from institutions all over the world. We curate and harmonize the data, applying uniform standards so that data from different sources can be combined and compared. Our aim in creating these commons is to enable new and meaningful research about rare childhood cancers that could not occur without a collaborative, consortium-based approach.

We began this mission with the INRG database, which is now the largest collection of neuroblastoma patient information in the world and has resulted in more than a dozen high-impact papers. We are now in the process of building a similar database for rhabdomyosarcoma through the INSTRuCT project, and we plan to take this work forward to address other pediatric cancers in the coming years.

Learn more about our work in the slideshow below.